About Us

Simpson Society helps to provide social employment for people with barriers to employment in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Metro Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. We start, manage and support social enterprises, working strategically to maximize their social impact.




Simpson Society has the following purposes beneficial to society:


  1. We provide employment opportunities to people who have barriers to employment, including, but not limited to, poverty and disability.

  2. We offer training to marginalized individuals so they may obtain gainful employment, and participate meaningfully in the work force.

  3. We promote all such further activities that develop, support and promote community economic development efforts.


Our Values


  • Validation of all persons, especially the most vulnerable

  • Redemptive responses to persons trapped in poverty cycles

  • Non-judgmental interactions with persons holding contrary ideologies

  • Restorative justice for victims and perpetrators of wrong-doing

  • Committed to helping persons of extreme poverty through bottom-up and self-sufficient methods

  • Decentralized program management

  • Support social environments which allow participants to use heuristic methods (discovery through trial and error)                                                                       




Over the next five years the Society has a vision to provide training, employment and independent living support to 150 persons that are at risk to homelessness in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and other communities in British Columbia.