Who We Are

We offer a one-stop shop for housing and property cleanup needs, providing not only junk removal, but also hoarding clean up services, pest control preparation, and professional pest control services.


As a social enterprise in partnership with Simpson Community Development Society, we provide customers with a social return on investment. Our mission is to provide top quality professional services while also offering employment opportunities to people who have barriers to employment, such as poverty and disability. We hire, train, and support marginalized individuals, contributing to community economic development in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island


Our Vision

Over the next five years our vision is to provide training and opportunities for 150 persons that have barriers to employment.


Empowering People


We believe that everyone deserves the chance to work and become financially independent. CleanStart provides opportunities for people to achieve this goal. We offer appropriate training and flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of each of our employees.


Our Impact

In 2017 we provided 12,650 hours of social employment

Diverted over 75% of our junk removal waste as donations or recycling

A recent study found that for every dollar spent to employ a Downtown Eastside resident, society benefited by $3.32. Read the full report here.


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