The Buy Social Canada Program has been created to encourage social value purchasing across the community, private and public sectors, and to provide an external social enterprise certification program. Buy Social Canada certify organizations that supply or buy with social impact. Their members include social enterprises, public sector bodies, local authorities, housing associations, charities, community groups, and private sector businesses. What unites the members is the commitment doing a great deal through business practices that add social value to the community.



VanCity Community Foundation seeks to support non-profit organizations that are financially sustainable so they can meet the evolving social, environmental, and economic needs of our communities. In particular, they aim to focus on high impact social enterprises that create employment for people with barriers to employment, who provide needed products and services to underserved communities, or who offer innovative products or services that contribute to the development of sustainable local economies. 

Over the last few years Simpson Society has recieved three grants from VanCity Community Foundation. These grants were provided on the back of solid business, growth and development plans that enabled our social enterprises to grow and reach the next level of scaling up. We continue to work closely with VanCity Community Foundation by reporting metrics on waste diversion, social employment hours and more, we also continue to receive support and mentorship from their amazing team.